Summer Guitar Workshop Krzyżowa 2016

We would like to inform you, that the Summer Guitar Workshop this year will be held on

Enrollments will start soon!

International Guitar Competition Krzyżowa 2015 in memory of Jarema Klich

Here is the list of the twelve great young guitarists who will take part in the competition in memory of Jarema Klich in Krzyżowa:

  • Dworniczak Kacper
  • Dżaman Patryk
  • Górecki Mateusz
  • Grygier Andrzej
  • Kamrowska Karolina
  • Kerner Waldemar
  • Kuśmierczyk Damian
  • Majek Rafał
  • Radziszewski Tomasz
  • Strukiel-Piotrowski Oskar
  • Zieliński Maciej
  • Żarnowska Julia

Guitar Competition – younger group has been canceled

We regret to inform you that the competition for the younger group of guitarists (up to 16 years of age) has been canceled due to insufficient number of participants. But the guitarist from 16 -19 years of age can still sing up for the competition in the older group! We are waiting for your registration till 17th of July !!!

Identifiers for a Summer Guitar Workshop

Dear participants of Summer Guitar Workshop 2015

We would like to ask you to prepare a photo of your image and upload them to adress It can be normal scan image legitimizing, or simply photo taken with a digital camera . Those who have already signed up for the course, and not yet sent no photo, please also send it to the same address.

If you have any questions , please contact us


Play on the Summer Guitar Festival in duet, trio or quartet !

You are going to Krzyżowa with your friends, with whom you would like to prepare a common repertoire? Or maybe you’ve never played in a chamber ensemble, but you would like to try? This opportunity give you master classes with Zbigniew Dubiella!

This outstanding teacher will help you to prepare (just in a few lessons!) the repertoire for duos, trios or quartets, even if your chamber ensemble is set up only during the course. Therefore, if you want to try to play in a group, you should sign up for Zbigniew Dubiella master classes. The teacher will help to form a chamber ensemble and you will have chance to change some of your individual master classes for ensemble activities. Zbigniew Dubiella can also propose you some of the ready repertoires that can be prepared just in a few days. This offer is particularly aimed at students from music school from the I grade.


The International Guitar Competition Krzyżowa 2015 in memory of Jarema Klich

From 24-25 July in Krzyżowa, Lower Silesia, there will take place a guitar competition addressed to youths under the age of 19. The originator of the competition is the popular guitarist from Wrocław, Krzysztof Pełech.

The competition takes place to mark the 15th anniversary of the Summer Guitar Course in Krzyżowa, but you do not need to be the course’s participant in order to partake in the competition. The only condition for participating in the competition is submitting a proper application form, paying a fee of 100 PLN and preparing a suitable repertoire. For the group of younger participants there are two etudes to choose between, from the cycle Etudes Simples from 11th to 20th century by Leo Brouwer, and for older guitarists there is a first part of a sonata of their own choice.

The competition will involve two age groups. The first will encompass participants, who by 31 December 2015 do not turn 16. The other group concerns classical guitaris
ts who in 2015 do not turn 19. The deadline for submitting application forms is 10 July for all participants.

The competition consists of a single stage, and the performance duration should not exceed 12 minutes in the younger group and 15 minutes for the older guitarists. The whole programme must be learned by heart.

Apart from participating in an extraordinary event, which is appraised by distinguished guitarists and teachers, the winners of the competition may expect attractive cash prizes (1100, 500 and 300 PLN), a Martinez guitar founded by Interton Classic, in-kind prizes as well as an invitation to one of the biggest guitar festivals in Poland – Wrocław Guitar Festival GITARA+. The guitarists chosen by the jury will also take place in a special concert during the Summer Guitar Course in Krzyżowa in 2016.

An additional advantage of the event is that both the auditions and the scheduled concerts will take place on the premises of a beautiful palace compound of the International House of Youths Meetings in Krzyżowa, which at that time will become a real “Mecca” for outstanding European guitarists. Noted virtuosos from Poland, Denmark, Spain, France and Italy will come to Krzyżowa, to share their knowledge with the participants of the Summer Guitar Course.

Regulation of the competition


Lecturers at the Summer Guitar Workshop

Lecturers will be at the Summer Guitar Workshop on different dates. Not everyone will be present from the beginning to the end of the course. Here’s the plan: